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ACS gas courses

ACS gas courses with 
Scots Gas Training in Stirling, Scotland

Scots Gas Training can help you become Gas Safe Registered through the completion of an ACS gas course. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

ACS Core Domestic Gas Safety and Appliances

Designed to cater for experienced gas operatives who require being reassessed to maintain or renew their gas qualifications. ACS qualifications are valid for 5 years; candidates can undertake the reassessment of any element up to 6 months early without losing any time (MOT style). Previous certificates must be produced at the time of assessment as evidence.
CCN1 or a suitable changeover is required for any operative wishing to work on domestic gas installations and appliances. In addition, the operative must also hold the relevant appliance element relating to the work they wish to undertake.

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For beginners and experts

At Scots Gas Training Limited, we offer gas assessment training for individuals across Scotland. Whether you want to undertake the course as a beginner, or you want to renew your certification, you can count on us.
For ACS gas training courses in Stirling or anywhere in Scotland, contact Scots Gas Training Limited on 
07752 638 702

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