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If you’re looking to train towards becoming an expert gas installer in Stirling or anywhere in Scotland, contact the experts at Scots Gas Training Limited.

New entrants to gas – Managed Learning Program (MLP)

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Why Choose Scots Gas Training?‚Äč

Every employer is on the market for properly trained and skilled individuals with a real history in gas, proven key skills,  relevant experience, currant references, and a clean gas licence. 
At Scots Gas Training Ltd we provide a proven route for you to follow and what is effectively a short adult apprenticeship within a real life gas engineering business environment.  This inspiring learning route affords our trainee gas engineers real employment opportunities, visibility on the gas register and professional qualifications.
The BPEC Managed Learning Program (MLP) is designed to cater to all new candidates entering the gas game.  It is a well structured course which guides you through everything you need to know to be a fully qualified gas operative.  All the candidates’ experience is logged within the portfolio.  The candidates' off-the-job training is carried out at the centre and the on-the-job portfolio is carried out under the supervision of a registered gas installer.
This fantastic program is designed for candidates who wish to remain in work and learn a new trade for a new exciting career.  Once you are certified, your employment prospects are obviously greater as you have an abundance of relevant experience and have been taught by Scots Gas Training Ltd.  This distance learning / online course is designed for people in employment and who want to continue working to gain their gas certifications. This course can start anytime and normally takes around 7 months to complete.  It uses a mix of working at home and gaining off-the-job training.  Once the gas theory, BPEC assessments and off-the-job training aspects are complete, then you will be fully prepared to complete your on-the-job portfolio.  We pride ourselves in not disappointing our students and that is the same when it comes to your portfolio.  . This is the most important part of your structured training course is undertaken on the job under the supervision of one of our engineers.  

We allow you to grow as an engineer, to let you flourish into the role of Gas Safe Engineer.  We want you to learn and apply yourself as a proficient, competent and confident lead engineer. The training and experience received under our supervision is of the highest standard, and it needs to be. After graduating you will need to be sufficiently competent and able to undertake gas work safely all on your own.  

When everything is completed and signed off, you can prepare yourself for your ACS initial assessment.
Additionally, if you're looking for LPG courses, you can rely on us.
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